You'll Learn:


How to develop your skills as coaches, motivators and professional speakers, in a fast paced environment, with like minded individuals.


How to train your character as empathic human beings and high-impact speakers of international stature while helping others succeed and thrive.


How to run a successful speaking tour in front and behind the scenes.



About Us

The “Speak Connect and Grow from the Heart 2022” tour is a process of personal empowerment and professional training as a speaker, philanthropist, and high-impact life coach.

It is also an invitation to lose your fear and go out into the world to see the power and impact of telling your story to those who need motivation and help to grow as human beings.

We are your hosts: Val Alino and Alberto Pupo, two human beings who came together for a common purpose, to help you create the dream you have always had of improving your life, traveling the world, and making an impact with your story, knowledge and heart to all the people you encounter. Our essence is helping others grow through practical tools, holistic personal and professional growth, emotional management, and spiritual empowerment.

We want you to also begin to be part of this great conscious change that the universe needs in order to be able to expand light, knowledge, love, peace and abundance for all.

Save the Date: April 23rd to May 3rd




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